7 for 7 



Amazing opportunity to help produce and edit this series for American Rugger, following the men's USA Eagles rugby team as they prepare for the 2016 Olympics in Rio!


Way of the Moose - Reality TV Pilot

Battle Born Films and American Rugger Productions teamed up to develop a reality television series about The Moose RFC out of Jackson, WY. These guys are insane! I helped to produce and edit this teaser.

American Rugger: The Highwaymen At Maggotfest

An oldie but a goodie! I also helped to film and produce this, as well as create the graphics and edit. Nominated for Best Documentary at the 2012 Epidemic Film Festival in San Francisco. Featuring the amazing music of Mark Cofer.

The Dolphin Club

As a member of the Dolphin Club of San Francisco, this film is extremely close to my heart. I have been a swimmer my whole life, competing NCAA Division 1 at UNLV. When I first moved to San Francisco, I would see these maniacs swimming in the Bay without wet suits.  I immediately thought I needed to know more about these people and the history of this amazing club.  I am still constantly inspired by the members of the Dolphin Club. That water is REALLY COLD! If you are ever in San Francisco, make sure to stop by Aquatic Park for a swim. It feels good once you get in. I promise. 

The Zoom Room

This is a video for an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for a dog training and agility center. Shelly and Jody were so much fun to work with and really let us get creative with this fun promo!  Featuring the amazing music of Mark Cofer.

Jack Daniels Country Summer

Another collaboration with American Rugger Productions, I edited and created graphics for this promo for Jack Daniel's Country Summer music festival.